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These 10 Tech Gadgets Will Make Your Travel Experience A Lot Easier – Travel Noire

It’s 2022, which means your phone going dead while traveling is unacceptable. Having a portable charger on hand is a must at all times. The Moshi IonBank 10K Portable Battery is sleek and will charge your iPhone over three times to full power. This means you can watch movies, listen to music, and podcasts and flip through your camera roll during your entire flight! 

Image from Moshi


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The best tech gadgets we tested in 2021 – CNN Underscored

Tech is an essential part of our everyday lives, but finding the right gadgets for your needs — whether it’s for working, staying fit or having fun — can be overwhelming. That’s wh…….

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Can high tech gadgets be used against you? – KTHV

Nowadays we have smart home devices to turn on lights, order food, etc. As useful as they can be… all of those high tech gadgets can also be used against us.



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These tech gadgets can entertain you without taking up much space – Gadget Flow

Looking for home theater tech that doesn’t overcrowd your living area? From a portable projector to a speaker that lies on any side, these gadgets save space.


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The Finest Tech Gadgets for Children Prescribed by Their Parents – Digital Information World

A survey that gives insight into what technological gadgets children adore, which assist them in learning and which products are getting purchased by the guardians for their kids. Almost every kid in the US fancy a smartphone and 1/2 of the kids own them. The survey discloses that mobile phones are the fundamental device for kids below the age of 18. About 1/3 of the children use tablets essentia…….

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The 5 Cool Tech Gadgets You Need In 2022 – News from Wales

The 2020s are already full of great tech innovations, and the next decade will be no different. The biggest difference between now and a few years ago is that we’ve been able to test them out before they become mainstream products. So this means that there are some cool gadgets you can get your hands on right now, but it also means that there will be new ones coming out every year. S…….

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The tech gadgets & home appliances I got as a newlywed (and why you should too) – TechNave

At one point in your life, you would be getting married and soon be moving into a new place with your life partner (or maybe you already did). Besides settling down together, there are also a bunch of questions about what furniture to get and perhaps in this modern age, what kind of tech gadget and home appliances do you need in the household?

Of course, every couple has differ…….

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Best Tech Gadgets On The Market Today – PVP Live

When Alexa first came on the market, many people did not hesitate to go and buy one, as new gadgets certainly have a way with tech fanatics don’t, they? Well, today, we may divert your attention to some of more latest gadgets and while they may not be equivalent to an Alexa in name and reputation, these gadgets certainly can prove to be a good snag for gifts to loved ones and even yourself. B…….

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These Are the Best Tech Gadgets for Your Car – TheStreet

With airline prices rising and rental cars still pricey, and hard to get, driving to your destination in your own car could be the most convenient (and affordable) way to travel for your next vacation.

With gas prices at a national average of just over $5 per gallon, you’re going to pay more than you might expect either way. But stocking your car with the latest tech gadgets to stay sa…….

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Best beauty tech gadgets of 2022, so far – Mashable

If you thought your beauty routine was limited to mundane makeup palettes and heavy hair dryers, oh honey, have we got news for you!

Beauty tech gadgets have been the buzziest way to level up the way you practice self-care, and we here at Mashable have compiled our very favorites into this handy little guide. Whether you want a techy way to deepen your skincare’s reach or hair care that …….