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When Alexa first came on the market, many people did not hesitate to go and buy one, as new gadgets certainly have a way with tech fanatics don’t, they? Well, today, we may divert your attention to some of more latest gadgets and while they may not be equivalent to an Alexa in name and reputation, these gadgets certainly can prove to be a good snag for gifts to loved ones and even yourself. Because hey, treating yourself is always an act of kindness too, right?

While for some avid gamblers, these gadgets will not prove to be the most desirable items, we do have a line-up of some of the best sportsbooks online, available to select from, because if the gadgets won’t do it, here is another backup for you. If you are interested in gadgets though, find them all listed down below.

The eufy Robovac G20

Not only does this gadget act as a vacuum for your home, but it also mops the floors too, leaving your home absolutely spotless. This vacuum works similarly to an Alexa, being that it is voice-controlled. With the smart navigation system it possesses, it will never miss a spot at all, you will just need to direct it to the right place and direction. To the kitchen you say? To the kitchen, it will go. To get one of these for yourself, you will need to fork out $300, but to be honest this is certainly worth the price, as who has time to physically hoover nowadays?

Sony WH-1000XM5

The next gadget on the list is the Sony headphones that come in with a built-in Google assistant for listeners. This system will allow you to adjust the audio according to the surrounding environment that you are in. The reason these headphones are one of the best on the market is due to the adaptive sound system that is built-in, this kind of stuff is just hitting the market now, and it just so happens that Sony brings it to you first with the help of Alexa and Google too.


The next thing on the list of gadgets we would recommend is the Amazon Eero 6+. This not only adds a smart hub to your home, but it can also be linked up with Thread and Zigbee devices too. If you are looking for the right kind of bandwidth that can support your family, work, and all the streaming of Netflix and Prime you will do, this could be what you need to replace the router you have now. Giving you gigabit speed for less splurge makes it a bargain of the time being and moment. And the best thing yet? This gadget is available for less than $139 on none other than Amazon itself.

The Vue Lite 2 Eyewear Series

This eyewear series is the perfect smart tech gadget that everyone needs to keep their life together. What you will be able to do, just by wearing this is, assess your calendar, organize it, send messages and so much more. It is pretty insane really, while you are on the go, you can message others without even reaching for your phone. For just $199, this definitely is a cheaper and more organized gadget than an Apple watch for example. Make sure to head on over to Vue’s website to know more specification details and the variations between the different pairs available to purchase.

The Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo is another brand that many tech fans will be aware of most likely. What makes this smart clock so special is, that you essentially can manage your entire home from the comfort of your bed. By pairing it up with other Alexa-built gadgets. Lights too strong? You can sort that out, without leaving the cozy setup of your bed. Other things such as purchasing groceries, and setting day-to-day reminders are possible too.


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